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intimus 16.50 SMARTSHRED

intimus 16.50 SMARTSHRED
High-performance large document shredder
For decades, the intimus® heavy duty shredders have proven to be centrally positioned pieces of equipment for the privacy-friendly disposal of disused media. The model range offers variations that can handle up to 550 sheets/h or even complete folders in a single operation. The spacious feed table with integrated infeed conveyor belt provides controlled, effortless, safe and fast loading. The shredded material is collected in large-scale, mobile or swing-out containers under the cutting mechanism. The shred-press combinations are coupled to a baler for immediate fully automatic compaction of the cut material into compact bales. Reduction effect compared to the loose collection of the cuttings is about 70%.

-500 mm working width; suitable for all standard computer formats
-Feeding via conveyor belt
-Container is removed from the operator side
-Shredder can be installed next to a wall
-Audible “bin full“ alarm, with simultaneous automatic stop of the shredding process
-Wide EMERGENCY STOP BAR on receiving table for immediate stop in an emergency
-450 litre collecting bin supplied as standard equipment

PLC control
-More Information
-Exact error display
-Display when service would be beneficial
-Useful information such as operating hours or blocking notification
-All possible accessories are saved in the software and only need to be activated
-Via an USB-stick or a SD card the customer can change the software of the PLC
-The display can also be adjusted to customer requirements
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Type List Price
Office Rocker
16.50 6 x 50mm Cross Cut Shredder 655121 £34471.00  
(£41,365.20 inc VAT)
£18802.36 inc. delivery
(£22,562.83 inc VAT)
16.50 10 x 70mm Cross Cut Shredder 655141 £34471.00  
(£41,365.20 inc VAT)
£18802.36 inc. delivery
(£22,562.83 inc VAT)

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