14.87 Heavy Duty Shredder / Baler Combination by intimus

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intimus 14.87 Heavy Duty Shredder / Baler Combination

intimus 14.87 Heavy Duty Shredder / Baler Combination
The intimus 14.87 is a combination of our 1495 shredder with a horizontal baler. Shredded paper drops from the shredder directly into the baler where it is automatically compacted into 60 - 80kg bales. Shredding continues even when the baler is compacting. Bale ejection is as simple as pressing a button and opening the door. Bales can be tied or ejected into a plastic sack or both. Using plastic sacks allows for clean, dust-free transport and weatherproof packaging. The compaction stroke is triggered automatically by a flap in the baler hopper. A bale ready signal can be heard when the bale is ready for ejection and the shredder stops. Two tying straps ensure stable bales.

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Type List Price
Office Rocker
14.87 6 x 50 Shredder / Baler 699921+475901 £35,963.37  
(£43,156.04 inc VAT)
£23,975.58 inc. delivery
(£28,770.70 inc VAT)
14.87 3.8 x 40 Shredder / Baler 699931+475901 £36,928.96  
(£44,314.75 inc VAT)
£24,619.31 inc. delivery
(£29,543.17 inc VAT)
14.87 5.8mm Strip Cut Shredder / Baler 698901+475901 £29,999.99  
(£35,999.99 inc VAT)
£19,999.00 inc. delivery
(£23,998.80 inc VAT)
14.87 11.8 mm Strip Cut Shredder / Baler 989911+475901 £29,999.99  
(£35,999.99 inc VAT)
£19,999.00 inc. delivery
(£23,998.80 inc VAT)

intimus logo  
intimus International Group is an international company headquartered in Markdorf, Lake of Constance, Germany, with regional offices in 10 countries around the world. Founded in 1956 as Schleicher, the intimus brand was born in 1965 with the introduction of the intimus Simplex, our first office shredder.

intimus has never stopped innovating in the years since then, revolutionising the data security market with the invention of cross-cut paper shredding technology in 1985, the first industrial and media shredding solutions in 1990, the introduction of revolutionary cash deposit systems in 2014 that changed the way the retail and gaming sectors securely manage cash, and the launch of the FlashEx in 2016, the first system to safely move the destruction of electronic media out of industrial disposal centres and into an office environment.

intimus now employ more than 280 people and have a presence in more than 180 countries around the world because we understand the need to continually push the data security industry forward, ensuring that our clients and their data remain secure and uncompromised. We offer comprehensive solutions throughout the value chain, starting from innovation, through development, manufacturing, and sales, and then continuing to provide support with post-sales services.

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